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I really enjoy using the new ball for bowling. I have to go back and readjust how I think about the game, how I bowl on the field, and how I’ve been losing wickets here without making much impact; it hit the shins outside the field. So, I have to go back and reset my mindset, have to deal with the ball faster. My knees have been bothering me, but I did some warm-ups, and I don’t want to run too much on the final delivery; any saved run is an extra reward. Rahul bhai and I have only one job, to get things done right.

The match is only going for 10 rounds, which is an intense and exciting experience for players and followers alike. Our BIG DADDY CAISNO live cricket score page provides real-time updates for all BIG DADDY CAISNO matches happening worldwide. Visit our online platform for the latest updates on BIG DADDY CAISNO matches. If the match resumes, the round discounts will be determined. However, for now, fans are hopeful to see matches between Indian bowlers and Pakistani batsmen, even if only for a few rounds. Hello LIVE, good afternoon.

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Fans can stay updated on T20i live scores online, track the progress of each match, and witness battles between nations in real-time. BIG DADDY CAISNO cricket matches introduce a unique and fast-paced format, adding a whole new level of fun to the sport. In this spectacle of over 10 players per side, teams battle fiercely to score the maximum runs within limited time.

If you look at the scoreboard, it says India won by 5 wickets, but it doesn’t acknowledge the way the issue unfolded. I can only be proud of my team; we had some inexperienced spinners (Bashir and Hartley), but I’m proud of their efforts. Part of my role as captain is to let the youngsters enjoy themselves and play freely, especially in some tricky situations in India.

After Smriti Mandhana’s dismissal at three pillars, Ellyse Perry successfully found two boundaries. Since the beginning of this inning, RCB has raised the net run rate, and they will continue to do so. In the match against Kanwal, Meghna hit a boundary with her foot in the deep extra cover, hitting six balls. This was RCB’s first batsman’s several good hits. Only seventeen more are needed now. RCB won this match with a comprehensive performance.